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TJ's story begins like all little boys, he loved to play in the dirt, read comic books, watch the movies, and play video games.

However, his story took a drastic turn on April 20, 2017.  He had complained of stomach pains the night before, but our worst fears were confirmed, when he was diagnosed with hepatoblastoma carcinoma. 

It's not a diagnosis that any parent should have to hear, let alone, have a 5 year old live with.  It's heart breaking, all the cries for help, all of the encouragement, and his bring smile coming through on every treatment.  Even the second diagnosis of a rare type of hepatocellular carcinoma, he continued to smile, continued to play Playstation, and continued our fight.  

We continued chemo treatments until Thanksgiving, and we were granted a miracle transplant in Pittsburgh.  While the transplant was handled very well, however, cancer has many ugly facets, and many battlefronts to fight.

TJ fought to the very end, he came home in January, and two weeks later, he went home to heaven.

It is our mission to never have another family to feel the loss and pain that we have endured.  Our children are our hope, and our future, and they deserve more research, more funding, and more than 4 percent.

Join us today, to end pediatric cancer.

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